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Espresso Martini 41

Prep Time:


4 minutes


About the Recipe

The espresso martini is a relative new comer compared to the some of the other super well known cocktails on the circuit. It is believed to be created in the early 1980s by British London bartender, Dick Bradsel. Rumour goes that the famous model Kate Moss walked in to the Soho Brasserie and asked Bradsel to make her a drink that would 'wake me up'. Not just a pretty face then!!

The twist of Marala 41 and Baileys gives this espresso martini an extra level of depth and even sweetness that is perfect for starting your evening.


  • 80ml Marala 41

  • 40ml Baileys

  • 40ml espresso (or decaf espresso)

  • 6 coffee beans

  • Ice


Step 1

Make sure the coffee has cooled before shaking

Step 2

Add Marala 41, Baileys, espresso and ice to the shaker. Shake, shake, shake until chilled and frothy.

Step 3

Equally strain into 2 chilled cocktail glasses, then garnish with 3 beans each.

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