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We use exceptional and beautiful botanicals from different parts of the worldcultures and infuse them in to premium spirits to make something incredible for you to enjoy with your favourite mixer or in a homemade cocktail. Small batch only! It’s a flavour collision.

We are MARALA SPIRITS, built on the value of diversity, strength and an “easy confidence” spirit!

The name MARALA is a combination of the sisters' names. #fambam #maralaspirits

Being of 'mixed heritage' it was more often than not to find yourself in the ‘gap’! Fast forward through a lot of different experiences and a love of great spirits, Marala Spirits was born, and it made complete sense to launch to fill the 'gaps' by fusing different, but balanced, botanicals with a premium spirit to create something new, beautiful and delicious.

Marala 41 (spiced) and Marala Tropical (tropical) will launch in 2023.

Be part of the journey. Infuse Marala Spirits with your favourite mixer or in a cocktail for the perfect experience.

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