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Negroni 41

Prep Time:


4 minutes


About the Recipe

There is little doubt to why the Negroni cocktail is a classic. Over the last 100 years there has been many variations (including Negroni 41) on this delicious drink, but the consistent ingredient is that of the bold flavour of Campari.


  • 50ml Marala 41

  • 50ml Campari

  • 50ml sweet vermouth (aka Martini Rosso)

  • 2 orange slices

  • Ice


Step 1

Add Marala 41, Campari and sweet vermouth in to an ice filled mixing glass and stir until well chilled!

Step 2

Strain equally into 2 tumblers and add a large piece of ice (or some smaller fresh ice). Garnish each drink with an orange slice.

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